Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation
Energy Savings
End Uses
Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation
Demonstration Location(s)
  • Butte Community College, Oroville, Kitchen Facility
  • Sacramento City College, Sacramento, Kitchen Facility
  • UC Berkeley, Berkeley, Clark Kerr Campus Dining Center
  • UC Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Kitchen Facility
  • UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, Kitchen Facility
Ventilation controls are the only proven solution to decrease kitchen hood air flow when 100% capacity is not needed. Using a microprocessor and sensors, they reduce fan speed during idle periods and ramp it back up during cooking periods, to save both fan energy and conditioned air. These controls reduce the flow of air exhausted from commercial kitchens when 100% capacity is not needed, thereby reducing fan energy consumption and energy for heating and cooling make-up air.