The SPEED program is helping leading-edge energy efficient technology move into the mainstream. As product demand grows, innovation increases, fueling an environment for investment in new, higher-performance, and competing products. As new companies are established and others expand — manufacturing, marketing and installation jobs are created — green jobs.

SPEED has enabled new manufacturers to enter the energy marketplace, and encouraged existing ones to develop new product lines based on demonstrated technologies. Since SPEED was put in motion:

  • close to twenty manufacturers are now making products similar to the original integrated classroom lighting system, bi-level stairwell fixture, smart exterior lighting fixture and demand-controlled kitchen ventilation system;
  • new technologies have been introduced such as the ‘smart’ occupancy-based control for parking and exterior fixtures and light-emitting diode and induction technologies; and
  • more than a dozen manufacturing partners now produce a large array of ‘smart’ exterior fixtures.

A $75,000 PIER grant in 2005 provided Adura TechnologiesTM with initial funding for a low-power wireless mesh networking technology that is applied to building automation control platforms providing for advanced lighting management. In 2010, Adura grew four-fold and received extensive funding from multiple venture partners.

Since the original PIER funding, Adura has raised approximately $20 million in venture capital, employs approximately 35 Californians, returns equity and royalty payments to the University of California system and helps the state meet its RPS and carbon abatement targets. Not a bad investment, California." — Zach Gentry, Adura Technologies co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer