Driving Energy Efficiency Adoption
SPEED’s core mission is to drive market adoption of energy efficient technologies to transform our built environment and meet our state’s energy reduction goals. SPEED demonstrations have heightened the visibility of cutting-edge technologies, creating market pull and increasing their availability to other sectors of the commercial/ industrial building market. A key strategy in achieving market awareness is the development of a host of technology transfer materials and activities including case studies, technical briefs, design guidebooks, construction specifications, conferences, and many other outreach efforts. As a result of the program’s technology transfer efforts:

  • State programs funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) are using SPEED technologies in a number of deployment projects with a projected energy cost savings of $1 Million or more annually.
  • SPEED field performance data is informing utility and third-party deployment programs as they target a cumulative reduction of more than 100 Million kWh and 7 Million therms per year.
  • The University of California/California State University/Investor-Owned Utility Energy Efficiency Partnership is adopting PIER-supported technology and best practices, resulting in an impressive cumulative savings to-date of over 30 Million kWh and 3 Million therms per year from a single best practice of monitoring-based commissioning.
  • Program results have been shared with leading-edge technology adopters each year at the annual California Higher Education Sustainability Conference. Attendance has topped 1,000 including campus staff, consultants, students, and faculty. Learn More »